Shamil Shikaliev


Fellow, University of Amsterdam


Currently Fellow of the University of Amsterdam (Project ‘The Muslim Individual in Imperial and Soviet Russia’ (2020-23), Shamil Shikhaliev defended a candidate thesis in 2007 at the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of Makhachkala, about ‘The Islamization of Daghestan, 10th–16th Centuries: Historical and Cultural Aspects’. He had studied beforehand Arabic language and literature at the Foreign Languages Department of the Daghestan State Pedagogical University and the Imam Shafii Islamic University of Makhachkala, after two years of private courses of Arabic with Muslim scholars of the village of   Nizhny Zhengutay. His successive professional affiliations include a Gerta Henkel Fellowship at the Ruhr University in Bochum, several FMSH Invited Fellowships at EHESS, Paris, a position of Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of Makhachkala and Head of this Institute’s Department of Oriental Manuscripts, a position of Assistant at the Chair of Arabic Studies at the Daghestan State Pedagogical University. Since 1998, he has been participating in annual expeditions of IIAE to Daghestani regions for the localisation, cataloguing and edition of Arabic and Islamic manuscripts from private and mosque collections. His spheres of academic interest include the history of Islam in Daghestan in the mediaeval and modern eras, esp. of Sufism and Islamic law; the history of Islamic reform in the North Caucasus, and the history of the region’s Islamic educational institutions and networks.

Publications related to the project’s theme

Shamil Shikhaliev, ‘K voprosu o sufiiskoi ritual’noi praktike bratstv Nakshbandiia i Shaziliia v Dagestane’ [About the Sufi Ritual Practice of the Naqshbandiyya and Shadhiliyya in Daghestan], in V. V. Degoeva, ed., Kavkazskii sbornik, Moscow: s.n., 2020: 216-31

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Shamil Shikhaliev, A. R. Navruzov, Iz istorii zhizni i tvorchestva Ali Kaiaeva i Saifulla-Kadi Bashlarova: dokumenty i materialy [Pages of the Life and Work of ‘Ali Kayaev and Sayf-Allah Bashlarov: Documents and Materials], Makhachkala: Rizo-Press, 2018

Sh. Shikhaliev, M. Kemper, ‘Saifullah-Qadi Bashlarov: Sufi Networks between the North Caucasus and the Volga-Urals’, in M. Kemper, R. Elger, eds., The Piety of Learning. Islamic Studies in Honor of Stefan Reichmuth, Leiden & Boston: Brill, 2017: 166–98

Shamil Shikhaliev, ‘Musul’manskoe reformatorstvo v Dagestane (1900-1930)’ [Muslim Reform in Daghestan], Gosudartstvo, religiia, tserkov’ v Rossii i za rubezhom 35/3 (2017): 134–69

Shamil Shikhaliev, Michael Kemper, ‘Adminitrativnyi islam: fetvy sovetskogo perioda’ [Administrative Islam: Fatwas of the Soviet Period], in A. K. Bustanov & M. Kemper, eds., Islam po-russki: analiz sovremennoi islamskoi literatury v Rossii, St. Petersburg: Prezidentskaia biblioteka, 2016: 50–94

Michael Kemper, Shamil Shikhaliev, ‘Islam and Political Violence in Post-Soviet Daghestan: Discursive Strategies of the Sufi Masters’, in M. Reynolds & H. Maeda, eds., ‘Constellations of the Caucasus: Empires, Peoples and Faiths’, special issue of Interdisciplinary Journal of Middle Eastern Studies 17 (2016): 117–54

Shamil Shikhaliev, ‘Agiografichesko-biograficheskie sochineniia dagestanskikh sheikhov Shu‘aiba al’-Bagini i Khasana al’-Kakhi [The Hagiographical and Biographical Works of the Daghestani Shaykhs Shu‘ayb al-Bagini and Hasan al-Kakhi], in Sufizm i musul’manskaia dukhovnaia traditsiia: teksty, instituty, idei i interpretatsii, St. Petersburg: Peterburgskoe vostokovedenie, 2015: 70-91

Shamil Shikhaliev, ‘Downward Mobility and Spiritual Life: The Development of Sufism in the Context of Migrations in Daghestan, 1940s – 2000s’, in S. A. Dudoignon & C. Noack, ed., Migration, De-Stalinisation, Privatisation and the New Muslim Congregations in the Soviet Realm (1950s–2000s), Berlin: Schwarz (Islamkundliche Untersuchungen, 314), 2014: 398–420

Shamil Shikhaliev, ‘Sufische Bildung in Dagestan’, in R. Motika, M. Kemper, A. von Kuegelgen, eds., Repression, Anpassung, Neuorientierung: Studien zum Islam in der in der Sowjetunion und dem postsowjetischen Raum, Wiesbaden: Reichert, 2013: 141–68

Musaev, Sh. Shikhaliev, ‘Chudesnye deianiia sviatykh v araboiazychnykh sufiiskikh biograficheskikh sochineniiakh dagestanskikh sheikhov nachala XX veka’ [The Miraculous Deeds of Saints in the Sufi Biographical Works of Daghestani Shaykhs of the Early Twentieth Century], Pis’mennye pamiatniki vostoka 17/2 (2012): 218–32

Shamil Shikhaliev, ‘Dagestanskaia Sufiiskaia literatura XIX–nachala XX veka: tekstologicheskii i istochnikologicheskii obzor’ [Daghestani Sufi Literature of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century: A Textological and Source-Study Panorama], Islamovedenie (Makhachkala) 2009/2: 75–91

Shamil Shikhaliev, ‘Sufiiskii shaikh segodnia’ [To Be a Sufi Guide Today], Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2006/2: 24-34

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