Pascale Bugnon


Confucius Institute Fellow, University of Geneva


Pascale Bugnon holds a PhD in Chinese Studies from the University of Geneva (Switzerland). After studying anthropology and sociology at the University of Neuchâtel, then Chinese and Russian studies at the University of Geneva, she specialised in the heritage process of the tombs of Muslim saints in China. Her first fieldwork on this topic was conducted in Xinjiang, where she analysed the political effects of cultural heritage on religious practice. For her dissertation, she shifted her geographical focus to Southeast China, and conducted a multi-sited fieldwork in the cities of Guangzhou, Quanzhou and Yangzhou. Her work provides a multi-layered account of the dialogical transformations of Muslim heritage sites and the political uses of Muslim sainthood in China, through a processual approach, both at the local level (local offices, religious leaders, etc.) and at the international one (notably through the Maritime Silk Road initiative).

Publications related to the project’s theme

Pascale Bugnon, ‘Heritage Diplomacy along the Maritime Silk Roads: The Case of Muslim Sites in Southern China’, in Chan Victor & Desmond Hui, eds., Heritage Conservation along the Belt and Road Zones: Between Politics and Professionalism, Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, in print

Pascale Bugnon, L’art d’Accommoder les Ancêtres de la Nation: Analyse du Processus Patrimonial National des Tombeaux dans le Sud-Est Chinois (Canton, Quanzhou et Yangzhou), doctorate dissertation, Université de Genève, 2022

Pascale Bugnon, ‘L’Art d’Accommoder les Ancêtres de la Nation: Analyse du Patrimoine Culturel Musulman en Chine’, Tsantsa 23 (2018), pp. 99–103

Pascale Bugnon, ‘Reflecting on Muslim Heritage Monuments: The Case of Sa’ad ibn Waqqas’ Mausoleum in Guangzhou’, in Historical Monuments and Modern Society, Shanghai, 2018 (

Pascale Bugnon, ‘“Memory from beyond the Grave”: The Revitalization of the Muslim Mausoleum of Sa’ad ibn Waqqas in Guangzhou’, in Heritage across Borders, Hangzhou, 2018, 12 p. (

Pascale Bugnon, ‘Négociations Territoriales et Identitaires au Xinjiang (Chine): Le Cas de la Patrimonialisation des Tombeaux Musulmans’, Autrepart 84/4 (2017), pp. 161–75

Pascale Bugnon, ‘La Patrimonialisation des Mausolées de Saints Musulmans au Xinjiang (Chine): Entre “Resacralisation” Nationale et Persistance Religieuse’, Université de Genève, Master, 2015 (

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