Noriko Unno-Yamazaki


Senior Research Fellow, Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, Tokyo


Dr Noriko UNNO specializes in the history of China and Central Eurasia and Islamic studies, with a particular focus on the social and cultural history of Sino-Muslims in modern China, the global Muslim networks that connected the Qing/Japanese/Ottoman/Russian Empires in the early twentieth century, and the identity of the Dungan people in contemporary Central Asia. She is currently affiliated with the Weatherhead East Asian Institute in Columbia University as a JSPS Overseas Research Fellow. She received her B.A., M.A, and Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo. She has been selected as a JSPS Research Fellow (DC1) and a Postdoctoral Fellow (PD) and has conducted research at the Harvard Yenching Institute, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, National Chengchi University and the Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences.

Publications related to the project’s theme

Noriko Unno, ‘Cutting off the Queue for Faith, Preserving the Queue for Face: Chinese Muslims’ Queue-Cutting Movements in North China during the Xinhai Revolution Period’, Asian Studies (Ljubljana) 6/1 (2018): 11–31

Noriko Unno, ‘Chūgoku musurimu no seishin ishiki to jita ninshiki: 20 seiki shotō no kahoku chīki ni okeru harāru mondai to kai kan kankei’ [Qingzhen Consciousness and Self-Other Recognition of Chinese Muslims: Halal Problems and Hui-Han Relationship in North China in the Early Twentieth Century],” Journal of Islamic Area Studies 8 (2016): 2-24 (in Japanese)

Noriko Yamazaki, ‘Abdürreşid İbrahim’s Journey to China: Muslim Communities in the Late Qing as Seen by a Russian-Tatar Intellectual’, Central Asian Survey 33/3 (2014): 405–20

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