Jianxin Wang


Assistant Professor, Lanzhou University


Wang Jianxin is Professor in Cultural Anthropology at Lanzhou University, China. He achieved his PhD at the Anthropology Department of the Graduate School of Tokyo University, and has been undertaking studies mainly on the religious traditions and folk healing practices of ethnic minorities in Northwest and Southwest areas of China. He has several books on related topics published in Chinese, English and Japanese, such as ‘The Kirgiz Ethnic Group’ (The Ethnic Publishing House, 2018), ‘Cultural Consciousness and Humanities in East Asia: Comparative Approaches toward the Cultural Traditions in China and Japan’ (People’s Press, 2017), ‘Studies on Religious Traditions in the Lingnan Ethnic Corridor, China (2vols., Religious Culture Press, 2011), ‘The Home of Overseas Chinese in Guangdong: Social and Economic Development of Xinhe Village in Shantou’ (co-author, Guangdong People’s Press, 2008), ‘Local Societies and Religious Beliefs – Anthropological Studies Based on Fieldwork Practices (Sun Yat-sen University Press, 2007), Uyghur Education and Social Order: The Role of Islamic Leadership in the Turpan Basin (in English, Studia Culturae Islamicae No. 76, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 2004), ‘Uyghur Bazar and Mazar in Xinjiang’ (in Japanese, co-author, Studia Culturae Islamicae No. 70, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 2002) and some others. He has published many academic articles, too, in Chinese, English and Japanese, such as in related Islamic studies, Chinese Sources of the Lingmingtang Sufi Order, (Journal of the History of Sufism No.6, 2014), The Saint Mausoleums of Sufi Order Lingmingtang (In Sugawara J. and Rähila Dawut eds. Mazar Studies on Islamic Sacred Sites in Central Eurasia, Tokyo: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Press, 2016). In recent years, he has organised two collaborative projects funded by the Ministry of Education of China to promote the studies on folk healing practices, local medical traditions and medical disputes in Northwest China, and has got a series of articles published in Chinese. He had been a Board Member of the International Advisory Board of Asia Pacific Word: the Journal of the International Association of Asia Pacific Studies for two terms until 2016.

Publications related to the project’s theme

Jianxin Wang, ‘The Guiding Role of Ethnic Corridor Theory to the Studies of Religious Cultures in China’, N.W. Journal of Ethnology 4 (2020)

Jianxin Wang, ‘An Analysis on the Integration Role of Islam in Religious Cultures in Xinjiang Ethnic Minorities: Based on Comparisons among Uyghurs and Kazakhs’, N.W. Journal of Ethnology 3 (2016) Jianxin Wang, ‘The Saint Mausoleum of Sufi Order Lingmingtang’, in J. Sugawara J. & R. Dawut, eds. Mazar Studies on Islamic Sacred Sites in Central Eurasia, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Press

Jianxin Wang, ‘A Report on the Local Practices of Religious Ethnographies in China’, Journal of North Minzu University 2 (2015)

Jianxin Wang, ‘Sermon Poems among Uyghurs and Huis: A Comparison Approach toward the Socio-Religious Representations of Muslim Minorities in China’, Research Bulletin 1 (2015), Al Farabi University of Kazakhstan

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