The project’s gallery hosts the photographic (and, overall, graphic) documents that enrich the field notebooks of the members of the scientific team. It will also offer the online publication of different categories of graphic documents: individual or group portraits; autographed or calligraphed texts; elements of sacred iconography, etc. Its aim is to fuel a collaborative reflection on the possible uses of these materials, in the perspective of an exhibition of photographs and artefacts scheduled for 2024.


Nathalie Clayer
Shamil Shikhaliev
Thierry Zarcone
Gianfranco Bria
Tatsuya Nakanishi
Stéphane Dudoignon
Vladimir Bobrovnikov

* English translation of the Arabic-laznguage inscription:

‘God’s mosques should be maintained only by those who believe in Him and the Last Day, establish prayer, pay the zakat alms-tax and fear none but God. It is right to hope that they will be among the truly guided” [Qur’an, 9:18]. Following this noble aya verse and in view of the fact that over the past centuries and times the building has fallen into disrepair, the commu-nity of the village of Akhtï in the Samur Region has renovated this Friday mosque on the site of an ancient mosque built by the brave ruler ‘Abd al-Rahman, known as Abu-Muslim of Damascus, from Syria, the conqueror of Daghestan. O God, make it overflowing with [worshippers] and decorated with [God’s] worship until the end of time! [It happened] in 1316, in 1899 according to the Christian calendar.

Pascale Bugnon
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