Author: Red Gold

The Mazar of the Seven Maiden

In this article, Tim Grose offers an overview of the Mazar of the Seven Maidens, a place of religious significance in the Uyghur communities of the Turfan region.

Pilgrimage to Barda

In 2016, Jesko Schmoller travelled to the village of Barda, in the region of Perm, Russia. There, he followed some inhabitants as they planned a pilgrimage. This article shows some drone footage recorded during that experience.

2023 Workshop

Programme for the 2023 workshop, entitled “Minuscule Lives? Muslim Saints’ Vitae in the (Post-) Communist World, from Deviation to Reconciliation”.

Atelier Eurasie centrale – Programme 2022-2023

Atelier animé par Lili Di Puppo, Stéphane Dudoignon, Léo Maillet L’Atelier Eurasie centrale propose une initiation à la recherche sur les sociétés modernes et contemporaines d’une région correspondant aux anciens suds de l’URSS, lato...

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